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The Age of Internet+ – New Layout of SOMiC's Business Mode

    May 30, 2015 was a marvelous day for SOMiC, an audio brand well-known in China, because that day, SOMiC grandly held a global press conference – Let’s High 2015 – at Canton Tower, the peak of Guangzhou. 
   The brand raised the slogan "happy and intelligent manufacturing" and undertook the mission of "providing a perfect entertainment experience for users with smart technologies" in 2015. This time, it sailed ahead with honors by holding a grand global press conference at Canton Tower. 
   By 9:50 a.m. of May 30, many people had already arrived the site of the conference. A great number of industry elites and Internet tycoons had already gathered too. The conference started with the speech of Mr. Liu Tieyong, chairman of the board of directors of SOMiC, which was so inspiring that it met with bursts of applause. After that, General Manager of The First Department of Domestic Marketing Mr. Liu Beijun introduced their strategic upgrade plan to the guests and fans onsite, outlining a magnificent brand plan and vision. 
 President of SOMiC gave a speech at the conference
 The guests took a group photo at SOMiC's wing lending ceremony
     Brand upgrade is an important part of this conference, announcing the birth of two series – Stincoo and ING, which will be launched in the coming future. As we know, SOMiC takes the leading place in the field of peripherals for electronic sports. Based on this foundation, it promoted Stincoo as a fine series of game peripherals. This promotion will display the brand's unprecedented competitiveness and aggressiveness and shock the peripheral market. 
 White Shark E-sports Club was interviewed at the conference
 The booth of Stincoo was crowded with people
    On the other hand, ING displayed SOMiC's artistic style. It is a stylish series specially developed for music, which brought up a living idea of enjoying music anytime and anywhere. This also represents SOMiC's faith in music. 
 ING T-stage show elicited round after round of applause
    SOMiC exerted itself much in development of black technologies. One of the finest technologies is SOMiC finder engine, which can help the player who wears SOMiC headphones win games by locating the rivals more accurately, and even hearing and seeing them. What SOMiC always explores assiduously is the more sophisticated technologies that facilitate the player exerting their game skills, just as the professional E-sports experience that AyoM emphasized repeatedly in the interview. 
   The sun of May blazed like a ball of fire, just like the fans' zeal for SOMiC. Let’s High 2015 drew to close in applause and cheers, but SOMiC's journey of Internet+ and intelligentized experience is just starting. From "listen to the world" to "happy and intelligent manufacturing", the people of SOMiC will, with their sweat and wisdom, develop this unfading brand unceasingly and create better products and interactive platforms for users.