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Ranking Top of the World – SOMiC HG Won the Championship of CFS 2015 Grand Finals

    The 3-day Crossfire Stars (CFS) 2015 Grand Finals drew to a close at Tianhe Stadium of Tianhe Sports Center (Guangzhou China) today. Overcoming all the difficulties with a determined attitude and spirit as well as excellent performance, SOMiC’s HG Clan E-Sports Club stood out above other eleven teams from all over the world, and won the championship by defeating PENTA Sports from Europe.
CFS is an international electronic sports contest on the game Cross Fire (CF), involving players from over 80 countries and attracting attention and love from millons upon millons players. As the focus of world attention, the CFS 2015 Grand Finals is the most important global contest for CF this year. 
    During the contest, HG Clan E-Sports Club performed outstandingly all the way, and their fans also made concerted efforts with them. The club spared no  ffort to knock out all rivals in the way, while the SOMiC fans team cheering out loudly, "‘汉’卫中国,硕美科汉宫加油!(which means 'Defend China, SOMiC HG, go, go, go!')"
    At the beginning of the final, HG fell behind the rival, but it made a struggle to catch up and knocked out the opponent successively. Then HG and its opponent won took turns winning points in a fierce battle. Depending on a steady state of mind and excellent tactics, its courage mounted as the battle progressed. At the last stage of the game, it received 3 successive points by adjusting tactics timely, and finally won the championship of CFS 2015 Finals with a final score of 10:7.