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USB headphones Somic G5 for gamers – digital perfection via ideal sound

 October 2012 –Guangdong Somic Industrial Co, well known for our unique designs and products in the field of audio-visual devices and computer peripherals, today announced the launch of its unique USB headphones Somic G5 with an integrated microphone on world wide market. The new model provides excellent quality sound with support for 7.1-channel Digital Virtual standard for today's games and stands out for attractive price/quality ratio.

Somic G5 headphones are designed in classic black colour with aggressive red areas which underscores wide and comfortable earpads, a soft cushioned headband, the original form of the microphone and the structure of the thin interface cable. The digital-analog volume control is integrated with a stylish module on the USB-cable. The laser engraved logo highlights the high style of the headset and original colour design. Long and tough microphone with signal light shows personality.
Somic G5 headphones are an outstanding example of modern digital audio devices which are designed to recreate the acoustic environment with the maximum level of realism, which was originally put in the heart of 3D games and adopt soundsmart microphone noise decreasing tech. The digital USB interface ensures the minimum level of interference and analog distortion of the signal since the signal is converted close to the speakers. A special digital-to-analog converter based on a USB-chip from the famous C-Media company is used for this purpose and provides unique digital audio with a 7.1-channel Digital Virtual surround effect.
Somic G5 features high broadband speakers with 40 mm diameter. Input impedance is 32 Ohm, the sensitivity is 102.0 dB  ± 3 dB, and the stated frequency range is 20 Hz - 20 kHz.
Integrated 2.8 mm (6.0 mm in diameter) microphone with omni-directional sound has sensitivity of the order of -36 dB ± 3 dB, an input resistance of at least 2.2 kW.
Somic G5 is equipped with a 3m USB-cable which gives a gamer the desired freedom of movement even in considerable distance from the gaming system. Headphones weigh only 308 grams.
About SOMIC Industrial Co., Ltd.
Established in 1998, SOMIC Industrial Co., Ltd. is a modern group which integrates production, development and sales into one. As one of the earliest professional manufacturers of headphone in China, due to its nice product quality and excellent sound performance,Somic already become to the NO.1 brand & producer of headphone in China.Now,Somic is professional in producing all kinds of headphones including PC,Gaming,HiFi,music,Wireless series and ect.,as well as mouse,keyboard and portable speakers.
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