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Star Product G95X--Real 5.2 surround sound Gaming Headset


At the beginning of 2016, Somic put out a subversive new star product of gaming headset G95X. It soon became very popular after putting into the market. Also many CF famous players gave high comments on it.







G95X is adopting real 5.2 surround sound technology and high magnetic moving coil speakers, ensuring the high quality sound performance and exact audio positioning in gaming. Moreover, with Germany new generation vibration unit and asynchronous technology, G95X can detect different bass sound and vibration strength of left and right channels, thus to help players aware sound source easily and win the game with half effort.








After release, G95X soon became very popular for its high technology, cool appearance and also high quality. 
















Adopting multi-channel surround sound decode chip, new real 5.2 multi-channel technology of G95X makes new breakthrough in sound positioning, and can analyze and manage audio environment changes. This can reach the specific audio target of realizing environmental awareness feedback and asynchronous discriminate, output and vibration, and to restore real live gaming situation to the players, which can help them to judge, decide and take actions in advance, thus to attack the enemy quickly and win the game.












While watching movies with G95X, it can create you immersive scenes with excellent sound resolution, which also produce the maximum clear and original music and voice of the people in every spot. To create a home theater, you only need to buy a perfect headset G95X.